Lansinks Recognized for $1.5M Donation To Hanover Hospital

Hanover Barb and Henry Lansink are being recognized for their $1.5-million donations for a CT Scanner at Hanover Hospital

MPP Bill Walker told the Legislature it is one of the largest donations Hanover Hospital has ever received.

Walker says the Lansinks have a long track record of giving to the community.

He says Barb was a long-standing Hanover Hospital Board Governor and provided 24 years of volunteer service to the hospital.

“This is the perfect time for Barb and I to make a donation like this, while we can know patients are receiving the quality care they deserve,” says Barb’s husband Henry.

The CT scanner will improve patient care as people will no longer have to be transported to another hospital for a diagnosis.

Hospital President and CEO Katrina Wilson says the transportation savings can be redirected into additional patient support.