International Excursions Planned For Bruce Grey Catholic Students

The Bruce Grey Catholic School Board has approved in principle three exotic excursions for students.

In March 2017, a group of St. Mary’s High School students will participate in a mission trip to Chinandega, Nicaragua.

The students will have many opportunities to help a homeless community, support education, and teach English to children.

Students will also build badly needed living accommodations , support a medical facility and feed residents.

Students from Sacred heart High School in Walkerton are also going on a mission trip to Nicaragua in March 2017.

They’ll work with Friends of Orphans Canada to complete small constructions jobs, garden, paint, repair and teach English.

In a third excursion in May 2018, Sacred Heart students will visit Poland, France and Belgium, touring battlefields, a concentration camp and Notre Dame.

That will help them understand Canada’s involvement in both World Wars.