Supporters of O.S.C.V.I. pack a Bluewater School Board meeting. (Photo by Kirk Scott)

Owen Sound Collegiate & Vocational Institute To Be Converted

Owen Sound’s  Collegiate & Vocational Institute (OSCVI) will no longer be a high school effective this September.

By a vote of seven to three Bluewater School Board trustees made it official.

OSCVI will be converted to an elementary school and all high school students will go to West Hill.

Board chair Ron Motz says it’s the best decision possible, considering declining enrollment.

“We have to look forward and we have to look forward for the next five, ten, 20 years and what’s best for the area. It’s hard on anybody that has to make the transition but we have to make the decision to go forward and it was the best time to do it,” says Motz.

Bluewater trustees made the decision in the face of a packed house of OSCVI students and parents against the change.

OSCVI student Mitch Hendry was among them. Now that the decision is made, he has a message for his fellow students.

“Hang in there and just remember that it’s not about West Hill, it’s never been about West Hill, this is about the board and do your best to make a friend of West Hill because that’s what they need to be right now,” says Hendry.

Trustees voting against the conversion of OSCVI were Marg Gaviller, Dan Wong and Marilyn McComb.

Bluewater trustees also voted to close Derby School this June.

Bayview, Sydenham and Dufferin Elementary schools will close June 2017.