Federal Support Confirmed For Nuclear Industry

Canada’s parliamentary secretary has told the Canadian Nuclear Association Conference that Canada supports the nuclear industry as a contributor to a low carbon energy mix.

Kim Rudd emphasized the importance of investing in clean energy, of addressing nuclear waste responsibilities.

She was speaking on behalf of Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr yesterday.

The federal government has asked for more information about the planned underground nuclear waste storage site in Kincardine before giving final approval.

Rudd says the government will also foster private sector investments in clean technology to help work toward climate change goals.

Nuclear energy generates about 16% of Canada’s electricity, including more than half the electricity in Ontario. The nuclear industry generates over $6-billion in revenues per year and directly employs 30,000 people.

“The nuclear industry is a strategic asset for Canada as a key driver of innovation, employer of highly qualified people and source of low-carbon electricity. And our government believes that the industry has an important role to play as Canada transitions to a clean energy future,” says Rudd.