North Huron Council Looks At Clinic And Dam

North Huron Council Chambers. ( file photo)

North Huron council voted to approve the site plan for the Wingham Health Clinic.

Last night’s vote was unanimous for the approval, with the site plan drawings prepared by RJ Burnside. Though there is no agreement yet, talks are ongoing to possibly include an on-site pharmacy.

Reeve Neil Vincent says he wouldn’t mind either way in the case of a pharmacy.

“That has its pluses and minuses, and business will likely dictate that. I personally don’t have an opinion one way or the other, so if its something that is in demand and people want it, then I wouldn’t be opposed to it’s inclusion.”

Council also voted to deny making the Howson Dam Committee an official committee of council.

The Reeve explained why.

“We know there are roughly 1,000 people who have signed on as to their interest in addressing the dam, but I’ve received many emails and letters stating that people want to ensure our roads and sewers are attended to first,” says Vincent. “We need a lot more information on possible options for the dam and what those costs would be, before we can commit any budget dollars and time to taking on such a large project.”

Vincent did note that while council isn’t addressing the Howson Dam immediately, it is ‘something to address and will do so once there is adequate information’.