Huron County Parents Advised to Review Their Child’s Immunizations

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The Huron County Health Unit has sent about 500 letters to the parents of elementary school students in the county advising parents their immunization records aren’t up to date.

Public Health Manager Christina Taylor explains in most cases the child will have received the vaccination but the Health Unit wasn’t notified so their records are impcomplete.

She says many people are under the impression when a child gets an immunization at their doctor’s office that information is passed on to the Health Unit but she says that doesn’t happen so it’s up to the parents to notify the Health Unit.

Taylor adds they’ve also sent letters out regarding secondary school students who received a tetanus shot in kindergarten and are now due for their adolescent shot and that can be done in each of the high schools.

Taylor says parents of elementary school children will have a yellow card from the doctor confirming all of their child’s immunizations.

If they compare that with the information in the letter they’ll be able to see which shots have been missed.

She adds they can then call the Health Unit at 482-3416, extension 2025, or they can take a picture of their yellow card and email it to, or they can mail or fax the information to the Health Unit.