Hanover Fire Chief Honoured for 30 Years of Service

Hanover Fire Truck (Blackburnnews.com stock photo)

Hanover Fire Chief Ken Roseborough has been recognized for his 30 years of service to the community.

Roseborough told CKNX News while his career has been challenging over the past three decades, he doesn’t plan on calling it quits any time soon.

“I’m very proud of it, it’s been rewarding and I look forward to hopefully another couple of years,” says Roseborough.

Looking back at his career of the last three decades, Roseborough says on top of some major equipment upgrades, one of the biggest highlights for him has been moving the Hanover fire department forward in the type of rescues they do, in addition to everyday fire fighting duties.

“The guys have taken on the chore of being technical rescue is confined space, swift water and ice water as well as high angle rescue,” adds Roseborough.

Roseborough says his career has been very rewarding and he looks forward to another couple of years at the helm.

“I hope to, you know, be here for a little bit yet,” says Roseborough, adding, “it’s very enjoyable, I’ve got a great group of guys that work very well together and they work terrifically as two platoons.”

The Hanover Fire Department currently has a total of 24 firefighters spread among two platoons.