UPDATE: Raw Milk Crusader Charged With Obstruction

Michael Schmidt (L) along with John Schurr and Robert Pinnell outside the West Grey Police office.

Four people along with Michael Schmidt have been charged related to the raid on a Durham area raw milk operation last month.

Provincial officials along with police raided a raw milk operation near Durham on October 2. A large crowd of Schmidt supporters showed up and the raid was called off. Now four men along with Schmidt are charged by West Grey police with obstructing a peace officer.

Schmidt and two of the four others showed up at West Grey Police headquarters for finger printing and mug shots.

Schmidt says if police are trying to intimidate his supporters, it’s liable to backfire.

“I don’t think it will send the message I think it’ll get people even more worked up about what some call the police state,” said Schmidt outside the West Grey Police office.

Schmidt wonders why some people were charged and others weren’t when there were so many people there demonstrating against the raid.

All this, says Schmidt, simply because he’s trying to provide people with the choice of whether or not they consume unpasteurized milk products.

The four others charged along with Schmidt are George Bothwell, John Schnurr, Robert Pinnell and Enos Martin.

*Note: the update clarifies the charges of obstruction to obstructing a peace officer.