Mother Nature Delivers Wintry Blast To Midwestern Ontario

Snow squalls. Oct, 17, 2015 (Photo submitted by Deb Buchner)

With mother nature’s first major snowfall of the season yesterday and overnight, it was certainly a blast of winter that was well overdue.

Hydro One is reporting a number of power outages throughout the region.

Hundreds of Hydro One customers throughout the region were affected earlier on Sunday. We still have reports of several smaller clusters of power outages around or near Harriston and Lucknow.

Hydro One Crews are working to restore power as quickly as they can. The outages are most likely due to heavy and wet snow on power lines, or snow breaking branches which then fall onto power lines.

Throughout most of Midwestern Ontario, the heavy snowfall blanketed roads and highways making for difficult driving situations in many areas with reduced visibility.

Motorists should watch for compact snow, slush and icy patches on many rural roads and highways.

Snow plows have been working around the clock throughout the region to clear major routes.