RBC Donation Supports Sacred Heart School In Wingham

From Left to Right: Sharon Stephens, Principal (Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, Wingham) and Angela Bross, RBC Representative.

Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School in Wingham has received a nice donation from the Royal Bank of Canada.

A $500 cheque was presented to the school on Wednesday, a donation that Principal Sharon Stephens says will be used for the purchase of buddy benches to be placed in the schoolyard.

“Buddy benches help alleviate the alienation of certain students when they need to find somebody to play with or when somebody’s new they can come and they can sit on the bench and welcome new people,” says Stephens.

Stephens adds the school receives donations each year to be used for various school incentives and programs.

Last year the school received a donation that was put towards new technology at the school.