Clinton Girl Gets Role in Canadian Pop-Rock Video

10 yr old Paisley Gerrits of Clinton, ON as seen in new Hedley Music Video for the song "Hello"

A 10 year old girl from Clinton is getting a taste of the limelight.

Since the age of eight, Paisley Gerrits has been modelling in Toronto, New York and California and now she is featured in a brand new music video by Canadian Pop-Rock Group HEDLEY.

Her mother, Michelle St. Onge, says it all began with Paisley auditioning for the role.

“They had requested her to come and audition and she went. the first time she went and auditioned Jake was not there, it was just the production company,” says St. Onge. “Then they called me and wanted her back and right away Jake was like, yep, I love her.”

St. Onge says it was magical watching Paisley do her thing in front of the cameras, she says it went very smoothly and was entirely shot in one day. She attributes this to Paisley’s dedication, professionalism and outgoing personality.

The video, for the song “Hello”, was filmed at a Boarding School in Toronto.
Seeing the video for the first time, St. Onge says it was a very proud moment.

“I’m pretty proud of her because she has been pretty successful and quite busy this year actually, she’s done very well, she’s a hard worker, that’s what she says, she tells people ‘I work hard, it’s not easy'” laughs St. Onge.

Paisley has also appeared in a number of commercials including one for Good Life Fitness, a fairly impressive portfolio for someone as young as Paisley.

“She has a very good resume and we keep it more as a hobby, we’re more into to just build the self-confidence and you know, there’s a big world out there,” notes St. Onge, adding,”education can be taught in schools but you can’t be taught everything in a classroom.”

At just 10 years old, there’s no doubt that Paisley Gerrits has already accomplished a lot in such a short time, and there’s no doubt she’ll go on to bigger aspirations, dreams and goals.

Paisley is off to Montreal in December to take part in another shoot.