Brockton Council to Consider Partial Removal of Truax Dam

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / tellasametz

Brockton Council heard a proposal at Monday night’s meeting that they consider removing a portion of the Truax Dam along the Saugeen River in Walkerton.

A biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says only jumping fish like salmon and trout are able to pass through during migration.

Jody Scheifly, MNR Biologist, says the dam is hindering other species like muskie, pike and bass from moving up into headwaters to spawn.

“There are other species of interest to the angling community like small mouth bass, pike and muskie,” said Sheifly. “The dam remains a barrier to those species and they are not able to go around that to get to better spawning areas, better habitat, better wintering areas, feeding areas, that sort of thing.”

Craig Todd, Partner Specialist with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry agrees the biggest obstacle is money.

“It sounded like they were interested but they didn’t want to be spending a lot of the taxpayers’ money from the local community and that’s where I’m hoping that this community group, where we can get together as different partners and we can flesh out those opportunities for funding that are out there,” says Todd.

While Council showed support for the partial removal, they said an engineer’s report would be needed along with further investigation into potential cost.

Council is expected to form a sub-committee somewhere down the road to investigate where potential funding could come from without using taxpayer dollars.