Mayor Backs West Grey Police In Hidden Camera Investigation

Kevin Eccles, the mayor of West Grey is running for the position of Warden in 2015 (Photo by Kirk Scott)

The mayor of West Grey stands behind the police in their handling of the discovery of cameras hidden along a concession near Durham.

Michael Schmidt recently reported finding two cameras in the ditch near his farm.

He believes they’re surveillance cameras and wants to know who put them there and why.

West Grey police say the cameras were not there for any criminal activity but beyond that won’t comment.

That’s good enough for Mayor Kevin Eccles.

“The police services have done their investigation and has found that there’s no wrong doing there’s no criminal activity there’s nothing nefarious going on here and have told Michael that,” says Eccles.

Schmidt has turned the cameras over to his lawyer and won’t release them until he gets more answers.

He plans to attend a West Grey council meeting with a delegation of neighbours to discuss the issue.