SIU Says Officer Acted Properly During Wellington County Chase

( file photo by Matt Weverink)

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit says an OPP officer acted properly while chasing an alleged gas thief in Welligton County on an afternoon back in January.

Police officials say the four-to-five minute chase started when a 31-year-old driver of a pickup truck allegedly left a Pioneer gas bar on Hwy. 9 in Harriston without paying.

An officer found the driver travelling westbound on Hwy. 89 soon-after.

When the driver turned on to Pike Lake Rd., the officer activated his lights, which allegedly resulted in the pickup truck increasing speed.

Investigators say the officer engaged in a pursuit for a short while, before determining the snow, rain and sand made it too dangerous to continue.

Officials say the officer would soon spot the vehicle on its roof with incredible damage. Both occupants of the vehicle sustained injuries.

Police say neither of the occupants were wearing seat-belts at the time of the collision.