Funding Needed To Keep Asian Carp From Great Lakes

Asian Carp photo

A Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservationist says the request to U.S. President Barack Obama for more funding to restrict the movement of Asian Carp reflects the urgency of the situation.

Coastal Resources Manager Geoff Peach says Asian Carp have been found in Lake Michigan, past the electric barrier that is supposed to keep them in the Chicago Shipping Canal.

The request was made this week by the Great Lakes Commission and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

Peach explains at this point they don’t have the numbers to start breeding but points out more are likely to follow.

Peach shares the view of many that the only effective deterrent is a permanent barrier to close off the canal but until that can be done there have to be more effective short-term solutions.

Neighbouring states have already gone to court to have the canal permanently closed but Illinois successfully argued that would threaten their shipping industry.

The Asian Carp can grow to a length of about four feet and weigh as much as 100 lbs. Peach points out they are prolific eaters and breeders and if they get into Lake Michigan they would wipe out native species in the Great Lakes.