Candidate Stops In Wellington

Conservative candidate John Nater talks in front of a crowd during his first stop in Wellington since being nominated. (Submitted photo)

Perth-Wellington’s Conservative candidate for Perth-Wellington made his first stop in Wellington County since being nominated.

John Nater was at an evening BBQ at Pike Lake Golf and Country Club last night.

He says it was an opportunity to meet people, something he hopes to do more of.

“What my big priority is between now and election day is to get out and meet as many voters as possible,” says Nater. “Last night was one of those events to meet a couple hundred of people in one place.”

Nater says two of the┬ámost important points of the upcoming election will focus on families and infrastructure. And this will also be the first federal election since 1997 that Gary Schellenberger’s name will not be on the ballot. He has been MP since 2003 and is retiring this year.

“We have 105,000 constituents in Perth-Wellington. I would love to meet as many of them as possible before October 19,” says Nater.

Nater has yet to open any official campaign offices but says there will be one in Stratford and one in Wellington County opening in the near future.