120 People Attend Impact Summit In Clinton

About 120 people from a wide variety of backgrounds attended a Collective Impact Summit last week in Clinton. (photo by Bob Montgomery)

About 120 people representing social services, the Huron County Health Unit and municipal officials attended a Collective Impact Summit this week in Clinton.

The summit was hosted by the health unit and the Perth-Huron United Way.

Executive Director Ryan Erb explains a collective impact is a social theory of change that means bringing people together to address a social issue.

“By gathering people from diverse backgrounds not just the typical people that show up for meetings but getting business leaders involved, getting municipal leaders involved, and pulling together people that are citizens in the community and really owning the project┬átogether,” ┬ásays Erb.

Erb says experience has shown that some methods of solving social problems work better than others and the point of the summit was to bring a diverse group of people together and share their stories of successes and failures with the hope of duplicating the successes and avoiding the failures.