Shipwreck Discovered In Owen Sound

Shipwreck found in Owen Sound

Owen Sound has discovered the hull of an old ship about 200 metres offshore of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The discovery was made during underwater investigations for the preparation of construction of the outfall portion of the plant upgrade.

A sonar survey and subsequent dive confirmed the wreck is about 5m from the end of the existing pipe.

The city will hire a Marine archaeologist to conduct a detailed investigation to evaluate the wreck’s origin, importance, other cultural artifacts.

Owen Sound’s Director of Operations Ken Becking says they know little about the wreck as yet, but do have preliminary findings.

“It’s clear it’s unlikely the vessel was from the 20th century, it was probably from the 19th century or earlier,” said Becking¬†adding it’s a fascinating discovery.¬†“For anyone who is a history buff or has any kind of interest in archeology, it’s quite neat.”

*With files from Kirk Scott

Owen Sound Shipwreck