Huron Kinloss Wants Westario To Consider Less Fortunate

Huron Kinloss Township council turned down a Brockton motion asking Westario Power to amend its disconnect policy.

The motion asked that Westario not disconnect a resident’s power between December 1st and March 31st.

Council had some problems with the strong wording from Brockton.

Mayor Mitch Twolan said his council went with a version that he feels is more achievable for the Westario board of directors. Twolan says council wants Westario to examine its policies and amend them to help out the less fortunate.

He also said some people have a very difficult time paying their hydro bills and council understands that.

In a presentation to Kincardine council last week, Westario stated that it was forced to disconnected four services last January, none in February, and thirteen in March.