UPDATE: Road Now Open After Hanover Arrest

A shot of downtown Hanover the morning of April 15 after a brief standoff the previous night. Photo courtesy of John Kolias.

Update:  12:50 pm:

Hanover Police have now re-opened 10th Street between 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue.
The road was  closed during the arrest of a distressed man who set fires in an apartment above a business in the 200 block.
The man also threatened he had explosives and weapons.
He was screaming, and dropping items from a second floor window to the street below.
Police managed to arrest the man using a conductive energy device yesterday afternoon about 4pm..
The suspect has a bail hearing today, and police will release more information following formal charges.
Meantime residents and business operators in the affected area can return to their  usual activities

Update:  4:00 a.m. Wednesday, April 15th

One man is in custody after a ‘disturbance call’ Tuesday afternoon to an apartment in downtown Hanover.

Members of the Hanover Police Service responded to the call around 4:25 in the 200 block of 10th Street.

Officers found an agitated man screaming from an upper apartment window, above a business. Police determined the man was bleeding from his hands with what appeared to be self-inflicted injuries.

Police closed off 10th Street between 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue. The man continued acting aggressively towards police while throwing items from the apartment window to the sidewalk below.   The suspect threatened officers while indicating that he was in possession of explosives and firearms.

It’s believed the suspect started two fires in the apartment.   That’s when officers entered the apartment and used a conducted energy weapon to subdue the man and make the arrest.  Officers quickly put out the fires with fire extinguishers.

The suspect was taken to Hanover and District Hospital for treatment for his injuries.  He was released from hospital last night and is being held by the Hanover Police Service for a bail hearing Wednesday.

An OPP Explosives Disposal Unit and the Fire Marshal’s Office are still investigating.   The 200 block of 10th Street will remain closed until early this afternoon.

Police are asking members of the public and business owners to avoid this area of 10th Street until the area is determined to be completely safe.


From 8:55pm:

There are still few details but one suspect is in custody after an incident in downtown Hanover today.

Police were dealing with the suspect when a small fire was started in an apartment above a downtown Hanover building. Firefighters put the fire out and police arrested a man and took him to hospital.

No other details are available at this time.

From 5:25pm:

The situation appears to have settled after a heavy police presence in Hanover.

A section of the downtown was blocked off just before 5:00pm for an investigation. It was stilled blocked off into the early evening.

Most of the activity surrounds the corner of 7th Ave. and 10th St. Local Police, OPP, EMS and Fire trucks have been on scene.

Reports from citizens in the area and say the incident stems from a room above a downtown business. One caller to the CKNX newsroom said he could smell smoke.

These pictures courtesy of Codey Cooke show a smashed window above the downtown Remax business and debris on the sidewalk.

Citizen reports say that the situation began to calm down around 6 p.m. No details of the investigation have been released at this time and police have not said if anyone is in custody.

Fire trucks arrive on scene just after 5:30pm.  Submitted photo.

Fire trucks arrive on scene just after 5:30pm. Submitted photo.

(courtesy of Shannon Bowe)

(courtesy of Shannon Bowe)

*With files from Janice MacKay Ryan Brandt and Steve Sabourin*