Huron County Working On Strategic Plan photo

Huron County councilors and senior staff spent last Thursday and Friday coming up with a strategic plan for the county.

C-A-O Brenda Orchard explains the first day was spent compiling a lengthy list of concerns and things that were working well; things that needed attention; and where council wanted to go in the future. Those were narrowed that down to twelve topics.

The second day was spent discussing each of those twelve topics in detail and prioritizing actions on issues like amalgamation of EMS service and the health unit with Perth County, shared services, affordable housing and economic development.

Orchard adds she will now listing those priorities that will be attached to each council agenda that outline what progress is being made on each item and as target dates are met other issues will be added to the list.

Orchard hopes to have that list ready for Wednesday’s Huron County committee of the whole meeting.