Researchers Finish Study On Huron East As Age-Friendly Community

An associate professor with the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo says his students found some interesting contrasts between urban and rural while conducting their study of Huron East as an age-friendly community.

John Lewis says in an urban centre like Waterloo, public programs and infrastructure are very strong while social participation and neighbour interaction tend to be weak. However, they found the opposite to be the case in Huron East.

He says in Huron East public infrastructure needs more work, but social infrastructure is very strong. However, Lewis points out that communications regarding things like upcoming events appeared to be one of the weaknesses in the social infrastructure.

“We did find that the communication system in terms of communicating events, activities and even services seniors would rely on, seems to be a weak point,” Lewis tells CKNX News. “I know there is a lot of word of mouth, or information gets into the newspaper or onto the radio.”

Lewis and his students will be presenting their report to council in the near future.

Lewis noted affordable housing was an issue for older people in Huron East as was transportation. He adds there are some forms of transportation available but communications is an issue there as well in that many of the people who could use the service are not aware of it.