Owen Sound Group Hopes to Save a Heritage Building

Aly Boltman - Owen Sound council presentation Photo by Kirk Scott

There’s a movement in Owen Sound to save a heritage building.

A Toronto area developer wants to tear down a building known as Branningham Grove built in 1881. It’s been empty for several years and falling into disrepair.

In a delegation to council, Aly Boltman made the case for the building’s cultural and architectural significance. She and others want the city to designate it a heritage building and keep it from demolition. They hope the developer can understand it’s importance to Owen Sound.

“I hope eventually they come to see it and appreciate it for what it is. I don’t want to be adversarial, I’m thrilled to see people taking an interest in Owen Sound that they want to develop here. I would just like to see it done properly,” said Boltman.

Owen Sound council committees have yet to deal with the demolition permit application. They’ll eventually make recommendations to council.