Brockton Councillor Wants Westario To Stop Cutting Customers Off In Winter photo

A Brockton councillor wants to see a change in how the power companies deal with outstanding payments.

Steve Adams says he has been told of 14 cases of Westario Power cutting off service to customers due to unpaid bills.

Adams says in the winter months it is not right to leave anyone in the cold.

Westario Power does give multiple notices about late bills but Adams says for many who struggle financially it can be tough to come up with the money.

Adams hopes to see a similar model to Hydro One, where they have a policy of not cutting off service in the winter months due to unpaid bills.

The United Way and local providers of power and heat such as Westario Power do offer relief to those in need of assistance. Adams says that is not always enough for many due to the extreme cold suffered this winter in the region.