Arthur Roundabout Meeting Attracts 150 People

Photo by Campbell Cork

A group of Arthur residents did not appear satisfied with the result of an information meeting concerning a proposed roundabout for the village.

Residents were not given the opportunity to question county representatives, but several said afterwards there are better alternatives to the roundabout for making the intersection safer such as opening Wells Street for heavy traffic.

Wellington North council had to be moved to a school auditorium to accommodate the crowd of about 150.

There was no indication from Wellington County council representatives, including Warden George Bridge, that the county has any intention of changing its mind on the roundabout as part of a rebuild of Frederick Street.

Wellington North council has voted against the roundabout.

Resident Wayne Baker says residents thought the roundabout idea was dropped by the county but then it came back after the election. “I believe we’ve been misled and I think that’s wrong.”