Fanshawe Expands Presence in Goderich

Fanshawe College is expanding its presence in the Goderich.

Senior Manager Bruce Smith explains they’re currently delivering courses in Goderich, Kincardine and Clinton but they’re moving to a larger site in Goderich and adding a Business – Entrepreneurship and Management program which they hope to have running by the fall of 2016.

The Business program would be a two-year Ontario College Diploma College program and would be delivered on a full-time basis.

Smith adds, in response to requests from the agricultural sector, they’re looking at launching a diploma or certificate program in Agri-Business which would not only provide education to students but encourage young people to remain in their home community.

Smith says they’re also looking at very site-specific programs for Goderich including programming that focuses on waterfront and port redevelopment.

Smith explains the ability to be flexible in the programs they offer allows them to deliver courses that provide immediate impact to the community and benefits to local employers.