Bruce County Resident Victim Of ‘Grandparent’ Phone Scam

The ‘Grandparent’ phone scam has claimed another Bruce County victim.

South Bruce OPP got a call last night from a resident of Arran-Elderslie that they had┬áreceived an urgent phone call advising that a ‘grandson’ had been in a crash and needed money badly.

Almost $1,400 was sent through a money transfer service before the scam was recognized.

Police remind residents that if something sounds too good to be true or seems a little ‘weird’ it probably is and that residents should beware of unsolicited phone calls, emails, letters, faxes and strangers at your door.

The ‘Grandparent’ or ‘Emergency’ scam has been operating for a long time and police say an easy way to detect the scam is to make some phone calls of your own to verify that your grandchild actually needs help before you ever consider sending any money.