Grand Bend Realtor Says Turbines Lower Property Values File Photo

Grand Bend Real Estate Broker disagrees with the recent study suggesting wind turbines do not impact nearby property values.

John Leonard Goodwin says its disturbing and embarrassing to see that kind of nonsense published.

He says the results of the University of Guelph study are just not true….

He questions, ” When people have a choice to buy a property with wind turbines in their view, or one without, which one would you buy?”

Goodwin thinks turbines could impact property values by up to 40 per cent.

He adds, “It’s going to hurt our economy. I’m not saying I don’t believe in this type of energy, I do, but not where they’re putting it, in one of the largest tax bases in Ontario.”

Goodwin claims the wind turbines can throw chunks of ice the size of a Mini Cooper car. He suggests the turbines should be built in Northern Ontario, where no one sees them.

Queen’s University Regional Planning Professor Andre Skaburskis  says wind turbine property value impact study is flawed.

He points out the study looked at 5000 sales, but only 79 properties sold after turbines were installed were within 5 km. while the rest were within 50km!