Huron Students Try Online EQAO Testing

(Photo courtesy of shinealigth via Flickr.)

Students at Huron Central Secondary School in Clinton participated in a recent pilot project that will see EQAO testing being done on-line next year.

Avon Maitland Board Director Ted Doherty explains grade ten students at CHSS joined other students across the province in taking and old literacy test on-line, and there’ll be another test after Christmas.

The goal is that by next year, current grade nine’s across the province will be doing their literacy test on-line.

Doherty adds the plan is eventually to roll that into the grade nine math assessment and then into grades six and three.

Doherty points out going on-line eliminates any security concerns and guarantees that everyone gets the same information at the same time. It also makes marking the tests faster and more efficient.