Huron-Perth United Way Donations Hit Record

The Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance has set a new record in its United Way campaign this year.

CEO Andrew Williams told board members this week that this year’s target of $45,000 was an increase over the record set last year. The final total for this year was over $48,000 raised.

Williams says that’s a new record for the alliance and thanked all of the members of their team for the work they did in achieving the new record.

“One in three people in our communities need United Way services,” Williams tells CKNX News. “So the more we can support them the stronger our communities will be and the stronger our health care system will be as well.”

He also pointed out that one in three people in the community need United Way services so the more they support the United Way, the healthier the community will be and that contributes to a stronger health care system.