Avon Maitland School Enrollment Higher Than Expected

Enrollment numbers for the Avon Maitland District Board were announced this week.

Superintendent Mike Ash says October 31 is one of two reporting dates for enrollment. Ash says the board has approximately 10,200 elementary students and approximately 5,600 help the board balance its budget. The 5,600 will also allow them to go ahead with some projects they wouldn’t be able to do.

Ash also points out the numbers support what they expected in terms of trends. The enrollment had been declining by about two per cent a year in the elementary level. It has now leveled off and is moving up to the secondary level.

In the elementary level, they have about 1,000 students per grade in the elementary level. They currently have about 1,100 students in Grade 9 and that’s expected to drop off a little next year.

Ash adds they currently have 1,900 students in Grade 12 and while that’s expected to drop off slightly as well, he points out the Grade 12 numbers will always be a little higher because of the students that come back for another year.