Midwestern Ontario Company’s Product Used In Ebola Protective Gear

A breathable microporous film produced by BI-AX in Tiverton is being used in protective gear for medical staff responding to the ebola crisis.

The film is used by American company Kappler for coveralls, boots and lab coats used by customers like the Centres For Disease Control.

BI-AX GM Tom Inglis says the product has been used before in similar situations.

“We’ve seen these blips before. We’ve made this product for many years, and there was a run on it when the H1N1 and also back in the SARS outbreak, we do see bumps in sales,” he says. “It has been developed for microporous applications where they need some moisture breath-ability that allows the sweat from the body to get away. However the pore size is very small and it is one of the few films out there that is used for moisture transfer that will pass the viral penetration and blood born pathogen test.”

BI-AX employs about 35 people in Tiverton and Wingham.

The demand for the film has not yet translated into a boost in production because the company BI-AX makes the film for usually has extra stock on hand.