Goderich Twp Residents Make Presentation At Queen’s Park

A group of Goderich Township residents and members of the Huron-Perth Landowners Association were at Queen’s Park Thursday to witness a ceremony that dates back to 1628.

Shortly after 1pm, Ottawa-area Conservative MPP Jack MacLaren presented the Petition of Right to the Attorney-General and Premier Kathleen Wynne on behalf of the Goderich Township residents who wish to de-amalgamate.

Huron Perth Landowners Association President Cindy Moyer says she was pleased with the reception the group got.

They were told the petition would be examined and the government would get back to the group as soon as possible although no exact timeline was given.

The group believe presenting the Petition of Right to the attorney general will allow Goderich Township to de-amalgamate from Central Huron.

The attorney general is required to review the petition and forward it to the lieutenant governor and when asked, is expected advise the lieutenant governor to issue her “fiat” or agreement, which is superior to statute law, meaning Goderich Township would be de-amalgamated.