Seaforth’s Gateway Health Centre Adds Costs Of Aging

The Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health in Seaforth has launched a program to help seniors prepare for retirement.

Research Assistant Aazir Munir explains the objective of the Retiring Well program is to help seniors anticipate the health care costs of getting older and retiring, and preparing to save now to address those costs.

Munir points out retirement tends to creep up on people and involves some costs like eye glasses or hearing aids that many people don’t expect.

He says, “Vision and dental are some of those costs that keep on going   ….but hearing is another major cost that people miss.  And unfortunately the goverment only provides up to $500. for coverage of hearing aids, but they can cost thousands of dollars.”

He explains they’re travelling to thirteen communities throughout Huron County to help people prepare for retirement. They are also looking for input from seniors about the kinds of problems they’ve encountered and how they’ve dealt with them.

More information and a schedule of visits to communities can be found on the web site.