New European Trade Agreement Little Impact on Huron County photo

The Treasurer for Huron County does not expect the new Canada-European Union Trade Agreement to have a significant impact on the county’s procurement policy.

Michael Blumhagen recently reviewed the county’s procurement policy and comments that the agreement does require municipalities to ensure access to European firms over established dollar thresholds.

But Blumhagan adds the thresholds under the agreement are higher than those in place in the current procurement policy, which are 100-thousand dollars for goods and services and 250-thousand dollars for construction.

Blumhagen also points out price is only one factor in awarding bids.

He says, “Our tender selection will not change and will continue to be based on quality, price, ability to meet technical requirements, and relevant experience. So I guess at the end of the day I really don’t see it having too much of a negative impact.”

Blumhagen concludes it’s still very early but he doesn’t anticipate the new trade agreement having a significant negative impact on Huron County’s procurement process.