SWEAR Reacts To Health Canada Wind Turbine Study

The president of Safe Wind Energy for All Residents (SWEAR) is disappointed, but not surprised, by the results of the federal study on the health impacts of wind turbines.

Dave Hemmingway contends that since the study was conducted by the federal government and it has invested heavily in wind energy projects, he would have been very surprised if the report pointed to a connection between wind turbines and health problems.

He maintains there are several studies that do indicate a connection, but they’re being ignored.

While finding no link between wind turbine noise and a variety of health ailments reported by people living near the turbines, the study did find a relationship between increasing levels of wind turbine noise and residents’ annoyance related to that noise.

Hemmingway says it’s now up to the courts to determine the health impacts of wind turbines, and that makes the court challenge in London later this month all the more critical.