Huron Perth Three Year Olds Get Ready For School

The Avon Maitland District School Board started its Calling All Three-Year-Old program Monday. The program is designed to help prepare students who will be starting kindergarten next year.

Early Learning Co-ordinator Jennifer Brodhagen says they’ll support people at the schools so the students will get a chance to meet and be comfortable around those people.

They’ll also be able to provide support to any young children who need help in preparing for kindergarten.

She says,”We do a little bit of what’s called screening to try to make sure that if any child needs a support of some sort that that’s in place for them and that the parents have an opportunity to find some of those resources that are available to them to support their development and growth.”

She adds starting school can be a major transition for children and anything that can be done to make that transition easier should be done.

Parents are urged to go to the Avon Maitland Board’s web site to find out when the Calling All Three-Year-Olds is coming to their school.