MVCA Rain Watchers Needed file photo

The Maitland Valley Conservation Authority is asking for the public’s help as is works toward mapping precipitation in a number of locations across the region.

The authority wants weather reporters who would record rain gauge levels in the morning hours. The program is meant to track rainfall that isn’t always tracked by radar.

Jeff Winzenried is a Watershed Resources Tech with the MVCA.

He says, “Those locations are basically in the head water areas. Right now we have a network set up of a tipping bucket rain gauges. And those are typically based where our stream gauges are.”

In particular, the M-V-C-A is looking for volunteers in the areas east of Listowel and near the towns of Brussels, Ethel and Blyth.

Anyone interested in the project is asked to call the MVCA, or visit their website at MVCA-dot-ON-dot-C-A.