Wind Energy Appeal Won’t Involve Huron East

Huron East will not be joining the appeal of wind energy projects in St. Columban and Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

Huron East Against Turbines had requested Huron East to seek intervenor status in the appeal and council had agreed to consider the request after seeking legal advice.

Mayor Bernie MacLellan says the legal opinion was that the municipality could end paying the entire cost of the appeal.

MacLellan explains all of the other parties involved in the appeal are limited companies and if they backed out Huron East would be left to pick up the tab.

“Unfortunately we’ve seen that in the courts time and time again, and the courts opinion is that the municipalities always can afford to pay the bill because they can always charge it back to their ratepayers. Well,  I did not want to put my ratepayers in that position,” says MacLellan.