Team Develops Concept For Markdale Hospital

Work is underway on the new Markdale hospital.

The $50-million facility was finally approved by the province earlier this year thanks in part to the 12 million dollars raised by the community.

The GBHS project team of engineers, architects and design specialists has been mobilized

CEO Lance Thurston says the project is in stage two of a five stage process.

“We re-engaged engineers, architects, and our technical team, who are working with our clinical to fine tune the concept that has been approved. And that’s a little bit of a negotiation between us, and the LHIN and the Ministry. And that process will take several months,” he says.

The hospital will include a 24/7 emergency department, a limited number of patient beds, procedure rooms, diagnostic imaging and labs.

“The whole push in the health care system is toward keeping people healthy longer, in their homes longer, stays in hospital are less frequent and much shorter,” says Thurston. “So we have to really connect our services and our programs with primary care providers in the area so that there’s a good supportive network for patients.”

He says it’s too soon to determine when construction will begin even with an expedited process.

Thurston adds they are formulating a communications plan to ensure all stakeholders are engaged and informed about the progress of the project.

Thurston says they hope to forward that plan to the province early next year. He says the process leading to actual construction will take over a year.