Carleton-Mississippi MPP Jack MacLaren

Landowners Association Looks to De-amalgamate Goderich Township

The Huron-Perth Landowners Association believes it has found a way to facilitate the de-amalgamation of Goderich Township from Central Huron.

Jack MacLaren is a former President of the Ontario Landowners Association and the current M-P-P for Carleton-Mississippee Mills, a rural riding near Ottawa.

He explained to a meeting of about 200 members and supporters of the Association that two-thirds of the residents of Goderich Township have signed a petition expressing their wish to de-amalgamate from Central Huron.

Huron-Perth Landowners Association President Cindy Moyer has found a 400-year-old piece of legislation called a Petition of Right.

MacLaren contends that under this legislation, if a sitting member of the Legislature presents this petition to the Attorney-General, the Attorney-General is required to take it to the Lieutenant-Governor, who is required by law to “let right be done”, as the historic saying goes, and allow the de-amalgamation.

He says, “So what it means is we got over 2 thirds of the residents of Goderich township to sign a petition saying they want to de amalgamate.  Now we’re going to take that petition to Queen’s Park and have an MPP deliver it by hand to the Attorney General.  That will require her to forward that petition on to the Lieutenant Governor who will be obliged to let right be done, as the ancient saying goes, which means de-amalgamation would occur.”

MacLaren hopes to present the petition at Queen’s Park within the next few weeks.