Natural Gas Fuels Arran-Elderslie Debate photo

Natural gas fueled the talks at the Arran-Elderslie All Candidates meeting in Paisley.

Mayors and deputy mayor incumbents and contenders answered questions on where they stand on the future of energy in the municipality.

Incumbent mayor Paul Eagleson says this is something that needs to go forward. He added there are still open houses and discussions to come, but with more funding, it should be able to happen.

Eagleson says, “We need to get to the ministries, and the ministers, and the ministries, for funding. I’m optimistic that they’re prepared to help us out with ample funding.”

Former Mayor John Alpaugh is looking to take back his place from Eagleson. He’s in favour of natural gas but would want his own council to look into it.

Alpaugh says, “If elected i’d look at all the options. not just natural gas. I believe natural gas is a cheap fix for now, but I don’t know if that’s the answer for the future

Only deputy mayor candidate Dave Dansereau was against natural gas.

Vote-by-mail has already started in Arran-Elderslie, with Tara being the only ward voting for a councillor.