Saugeen Shores Chamber Opposes Provincial Pension

A proposed new mandatory provincial pension plan has generated concern from the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce.

President Jeff Carver says they are worried about the cost the new pension plan will put on local business owners, adding they already pay out plenty of fees, but don’t see what they are getting for it.

He says there’s no question there needs to be changes to address income shortfalls for retirees, but believes the pension plan is a band-aid solution and there needs to be a better long-term plan put in place.

He says, “In business you hear it it all the time, it’s fee after fee, after fee, but they’re not sure what they’re getting for it. There has to be a better long term strategy when it comes to retirement and pensions than exists right now.”

Carver says they are joining a coalition spearheaded by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to make sure the provincial government hears their concerns.