Huron County Concerned About Losing Broadband Spectrum

Keyboard. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Both Central Huron council and Huron County council have expressed concerns over a proposal by Industry Canada.

That plan would take part of the spectrum designated for broadband in rural areas and use it for cell phone customers in larger, urban centres.

Councillor Brian Barnim raised the issue at last week’s Central Huron council meeting. He pointed out the areas most at risk immediately are the rural areas surrounding Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Toronto and Sudbury.

But he adds that could easily spread to other rural areas as demand increases.

He says, “It throws concerns that they’re trying to give space away to the large cellular companies that is now being inhabited by the internet, broadband. So it maybe doesn’t affect this area as much, but it sounds more like the larger urban centres.”

County council has asked its Communications Co-ordinator Scott Currie says, “The changes proposed has the potential to affect rural residents and their access to high speed internet. The direct affect to Huron County is a little uncertain at this point but we’re taking the position as a county that any changes that negatively affect our residents are unacceptable.”

Huron County councillors expressed the same concerns and agreed to write a letter to Industry Canada outlining those concerns.