Brockton All Candidates Debate

Brockton residents have several chances to meet and hear the candidates in the upcoming municipal election.

There is an all candidates debate tonight in Cargill starting a 8pm.

The Walkerton Chamber of Commerce and BIA is hosting an all-candidates meeting Wednesday at Victoria Jubilee Hall.

Candidates vying for the positions of mayor, deputy-mayor and councillor have been invited, and as well as those hoping to serve as school board trustees.

The evening will begin at 7:00 with a short demonstration of the electronic voting system by the Municipality of Brockton.

Each candidate will be given two minutes to make opening statements before the floor is opened to the audience to ask questions.

A debate is scheduled at the Elmwood Community Centre October 16 starting at 8pm.

And there is a debate October 18 at 2pm at the Saugeen Municipal Airport