Huron County Winery Starts Sales Next Summer

Maelstrom Winery expects to start selling wine next summer. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

The owner of Huron County’s first winery says he expects to be selling wine next summer.

Jim Landsborough and his wife Catherine began growing grapes in 2009.

Landsborough says Maelstrom Winery consists of eight acres of grapes on their property between Seaforth and Clinton. Half of that is for red wine and half for white wine.

He explains white wines take about six months after being harvested before being ready and red wines up to eighteen months so they’ll be ready to sell wine next summer.

Landsborough explains they were inspired to start a winery after touring some of the wine regions in Ontario as well other areas around the Great Lakes and he hopes the wine industry in Huron County will create a new tourism industry in Huron as it has in other areas.