Huron East Considers Intervening In Turbine Charter Challenge

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Huron East councillors want to get some answers from their solicitor before they agree with a request from members of Huron East Against Turbines.

A spokesperson from HEAT made the request at last night’s council meeting, asking Huron East to apply for intervenor status in an appeal in divisional court against wind turbine projects — including one in St. Columban and one in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.  The challenge also includes a family affected by the Armow Wind project.

The appeal is unique in that it is a charter challenge to the construction of the wind energy projects.

Huron East Mayor Bernie Maclellan explains some councillors were in favour of seeking intervenor status, but others were concerned about the cost and the financial exposure of the municipality in the event the case was lost.

“There are members of council that feel we should be involved with it,” says MacLellan. There are members of council concerned that if we get involved with it, if the case does not go well, we do not want the municipality picking up a large portion of the legal cost.”

Two motions were passed – one to seek legal advice before making a decision, and the other asking the county to also support them by seeking intervenor status in the appeal.

Lambton Shores has already voted at its committee of the whole meeting to support the request of WAIT-PW and join the challenge. That vote has to be ratified at November’s council meeting.

The appeal will be heard in London on November 17 and November 18.