Lambton County Joins Court Challenge Against Huron Wind Developments photo

Lambton County Council plans to request intervener status in the Charter challenge against the K2 and St. Columban Wind developments coming up in divisional Court in November.

The motion still has to be approved as part of the minutes at the November 5th council meeting.

The Lambton motion calls for $60,000 to be available to facilitate the County’s involvement.

The recorded vote passed 30 to 4.

We’re Against Industrial Turbines Plympton-Wyoming requested that the county participate in the case which involves the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, provincial government, industrial wind developers and appellants in proximity to industrial wind projects

The constitutional argument will be heard by the Divisional Court of the Ontario Superior court of Justice in London from November 17 to the 19.

Lambton County Council also voted to make the citizens of Huron County honourary citizens of Lambton County for the purpose of the court proceedings.

The Charter of Rights challenge involves three families affected by wind farms in Midwestern Onario.

1. The K-2 Appeal in Huron County , with the Drennan family as appellants
2. The St Columban Appeal in Huron County, with the Dixon family and the Ryan family being joint appellants
3. The Armow Appeal in Kincardine, Bruce County, with the Kroeplin family being the appellants