Bed Redistribution Begins in Huron Perth Hospitals

The re-distribution of beds at the Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance hospitals in Clinton, Seaforth, Stratford and St. Marys is underway.

December 2nd is scheduled as the day when the re-classification officially takes place.

Alliance C-E-O Andrew Williams explains the change is a little disruptive as they shift numbers and add personal support workers into the mix. he says staff are dealing with it well.

Williams points out their goal is to create an effective system that essentially operates like one hospital with four wings.

Williams adds patients could potentially be moved to other communities but the result will be a more robust health care system that will allow them to treat more patients and offer more services.

Williams adds, “anytime you go through a change it take a while to get to the point where you’re comfortable with the way it’s working. The staff process is ongoing currently and everybody is affected one way or another.” Williams says they have explained the process to various groups like the Ontario Health Coalition. “Everybody wants to share their views and we have a responsibility to hear them but we also have a responsibility to make the decisions that we feel make sense for the health care system.”