Clinton’s Dr. Bokhout Seeks Liberal Candidacy

Photo by Bob Montgomery

A Clinton-area physician has announced his intention to seek the Federal Liberal nomination for the riding of Huron-Bruce.

Doctor Maarten Bokhout says he is stepping down as Clinton Site Chief. Bokhout explains he’s always been interested in politics and believes the Liberals offer a governance style that he’s most comfortable with.

Bokhout adds whatever happens at the nomination meeting he feels it’s time to make way for younger physicians and he plans to give up his family practice by next summer, although he’ll still be available to fill in when needed for a while.

The Federal Liberal nomination meeting is being held on October 20th at the Lucknow community centre.
Speeches will start at 6:30 and voting will close at 8:30.

He says, “There are a whole bunch of younger physicians out there, and they are basically kicking the tires, so I’ve made a commitment regardless of what happens at this nomination meeting to retire from my office practice probably the summertime of next year.”

Glammis native Allan Thompson is also seeking the federal Liberal nomination for Huron-Bruce.